10 Android Tutorials for beginners

Android is an operating system for mobile devices introduced by Google. The android market is now at its peak. Ow or not peaked huh? can you go up again?

The google factor certainly makes more and more people learn about this operating system. And on this occasion we will share some basic tutorials that you can use to learn Android.

10 Android tutorials for beginners
10 Android tutorials for beginners

I hope it’s useful..

Let’s just start:

  1. Android SDK Tutorial – Learn how to install Android SDK
    There you will learn how to start android, set the main settings and get to know your workplace.
  2. Android Tutorial for Beginners : Android SDK: Using Alerts, Toasts and Notifications
    There you will learn about notifications that often appear on Android, and how they work.
  3. android Tutorial for Beginners : Android Essentials: Using the Contact Picker
    This tutorial will not only show you how to start the contact picker and get results, but also how to use those results in Android SDK 2.0 and above.
  4. Android Essentials: Creating Simple User Forms
    This tutorial walks you through creating and using some of the most commonly used controls for collecting data from users, including: EditText Controls, Spinner Controls, Checkbox Controls, Button Controls. For this tutorial, you designed and implemented a form in an Android application that allows users to supply important feedback to developers. This feedback can then be sent to the Developer as an email.
  5. Quick Tip: Enabling Users to Send Email From Your Android Applications
    These tips will show you how to launch the Mail Application. Enter data, and allow users to send email messages.
  6. Android User Interface Design: The Basics of Control Focus Order
    There you will learn the basics of Control Focus
  7. Android SDK Tutorial: How To Send Text Messages
    This tutorial will create a “Text Messanging” application: Two text fields, one for phone numbers and messages and one send button.

Android SDK Tutorial: How To Send Text Messages

  1. Android Google Maps Tutorial
    Tutorial to integrate Android with Google Maps, of course using Google API
  2. How To Create Android Live Wallpaper
    This article shows you how to create a wallpaper right from scratch. Like TV ?? check it yourself
  3. Basic Map Application
    This tutorial shows how to develop MapActivity to create a relatively sophisticated application in no time. You will learn how to develop MapActivity to create Map-Apps.

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