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Twitter Bootstrap, which web designer doesn’t know twitter bootstrap right now? The average must know or at least have heard. Twitter Bootstrap was created by Twitter programmers.

Many people like Twitter Bootstrap because of its fairly complete features, this HTML Framework can save half the time of making website layouts. WOW…

Why is that, now many people create websites directly from the browser, they don’t really need Adobe Photoshop or Firework to create designs. By copying the code snippet in Twitter Bootstrap, the results are more than sufficient for website purposes in a very short time.

But in the world of work, Designers & Programmers are different people, although there is still one person who can buy both jobs (Design & Program).

Both must be correlated to determine what you want to create, what the design will look like and with what HTML and CSS code will be created.

If programmers tend to use HTML frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap, then it’s a good idea for designers to create elements on their website by following the forms that already exist in Twitter Bootstrap, so that programmers can easily code them.

Hm .. That’s about the picture in the world of work.

Now the problem is Twitter Bootstrap doesn’t have those elements in the form of Photoshop or Firework files.

Luckily there are some people who generously share the file, you can say this is the “Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 UI Kit” so it can help other designers work. Let’s say thanks to the creator @gradykelly.

Here are the results:

Please Download in Photoshop or Firework

Okay, so this article, hopefully useful for all of your work.
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