Session Implementation in Codeigniter 3

How to use or implement sessions in Codeigniter 3 | The function of the session is to store the information needed by the application and can be shared throughout the web page, and this session is stored in a file on the web server environment.

To be able to use the Session class, we need to load the Session.php class library into the controller

load session
Creating and Accessing SESSION
In native PHP, the function called to run a session is session_start(); at the beginning of the script. In Codeigniter this is not required. If we create a session in native php, we use $_SESSION;

$_SESSION[‘session_name’] = “value”;
then the case is different if we use the session in codeigniter. We can directly write with the following code:

$this->session->set_userdata(‘session_name’, ‘session_value’)
as an example :

To access session variables that have been created previously, we can use the following code:

if you want to display the contents of the session variable, just add echo, so it becomes