6 Free WordPress Themes For Portfolio and News Websites

Free WordPress Themes For Portfolios and News Websites – We know that WordPress is the number one CMS today, of course there are many users, and there are also many developers.

More and more wordpress developers in this world. The increase in these developers certainly benefits many parties too, because often these developers share resources that we can use for free or without paying.

This time the Web Design Tutorial (TWD) will show you some free wordpress themes that you can download for your company profile, your portfolio and can also be used for news websites.

  1. Bose
    A theme that can be used for various website purposes (multi purpose wordpress theme) including integration with WooCommerce.


Demo & Download

  1. Quality
    A wordpress theme that can be used for corporate websites, as the name implies, this theme has a fairly good quality.


Demo & Download

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  1. Boemia Free
    A WordPress theme that can be used for online sales (e-commerce) websites, because this theme can be integrated with WooCommerce.


Demo & Download

  1. Zerif Lite
    This theme is suitable for your portfolio or company profile, equipped with a parallax effect that is currently trending.


Demo & Download

  1. MagazinePlus Free
    From the name, we can already guess that this theme is certainly made for modern news websites, and it turns out that this theme can also be integrated with WooCommerce.


Demo & Download

  1. Onetone
    This theme is a one-page type, accompanied by a pretty charming video background and scrolling effect when the menu is clicked

Hopefully the list of themes above can be useful for you and can make your work easier, especially for websites that you create using the current number one CMS, namely WordPress.

Migration from SyntaxHighlighter to Pastacode

Migration from SyntaxHighlighter to Pastacode – In recent months the Indonesian web design tutorial website has used two plugins for syntax highlighting or for writing program code in posts. That means that it is very burdensome because it uses too many scripts and is a waste of time, but due to time constraints, they don’t really care about using the two plugins at once. However, because they want to improve their performance today, they finally took the time to make a few changes, this is part of the redesign process that is planned to be carried out early this year. We had to choose one of the two syntax highlights, and finally chose Pastacode.

Since the establishment of this website we have only used one plugin to write syntax, namely SyntaxHighlighter Evolved by Alex Mills (Viper007Bond), for almost a year we have used this plugin to write HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and even MySQL and Java code snippets in tutorials. -webdesign.com. However, the obstacle that arises is that the steps are a bit complicated if we want to write code snippets, where to write code snippets we have to change the editor to text mode, cannot be in visual mode, then write the manual format.


Finally after almost two years of TWD running, we decided to use Pastacode as well in addition to SintaxHighlighter Evolved. At first, we saw the jquery plugin, PrismJS, which is also used on the Dabbblet.com website, and apparently also used by other well-known blog sites such as Smashing Magazine, CSS-Tricks, Alist Apart, WebPlatform.org and TypePlate. Then we searched for PrismJS based syntax highlighter plugin and finally found this Pastacode.

With Pastacode, we only need to click on the icon (P) in the visual editor, and choose a programming language, then paste the program code, it will form itself later. How to use Pastacode is easier than SyntaxHighlighter in our opinion.

Problems & Obstacles

However, a problem arises, namely the result of the code generated from Pastacode is not the same as SyntaxHighlighter, for example, writing the cssSyntaxHighlighter code is quite different.


while the pastecode looks like this and is generated directly by the GUI, no need to type your own format in text mode in the wordpress editor.


It is very long and inconvenient if you have to make changes to every article that has been written with SyntaxHighlighter from the wp-admin page, because it will take time, almost a hundred posts that must be edited (very less work if you have to edit one by one).

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Finally we decided to change directly with mysql query to replace the code created with SyntaxHighlighter to match the Pastacode format.

The query can be downloaded at the link below, the query code looks quite a lot because it has changed quite a lot, namely HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Java and MySQL codes. Because that’s the programming language that is widely used in TWD.


So that previously only used SyntaxHighlighter, then used SintaxHighlighter and Pastacode simultaneously, and now only uses one, namely Pastacode.

If you have a similar problem, where you have to migrate from SyntaxHighlighter to Pastacode or to another plugin with a different format, maybe you can use the script to be executed in PHPMyAdmin or anywhere that can execute SQL scripts, it can be edited according to your needs/syntax format.

Actually there is a plugin for find & replace in this case, but for speed and to make sure that the code used is correct, we decided to just use the script and execute it ourselves in PHPMyAdmin.

I hope this helps.

Here it is! Dozens of Famous Brand Companies Using WordPress

Well-known brands / companies that use WordPress — WordPress CMS is getting more and more users day by day, the community is getting busier and of course this brings up a lot of resources. We can find various things related to wordpress easily on search engine websites such as google, bing or yahoo.

WordPress is currently used by 60.7% of CMS users worldwide and that means it controls 23.5% of all websites on the internet (info from w3techs.com). This figure is very far behind its closest competitor, Joomla, which is only used by 7.4% of CMS users.

Today’s wordpress users are not just individuals who want to have blogs, but large-scale websites with busy visitor traffic are also using wordpress as their platform. This is of course due to the ease and flexibility of wordpress itself.

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The following are some large-scale websites with very high traffic that use wordpress. Eistt…. The web design tutorial website that you are reading also uses wordpress, you know.

Thenextweb.com – Alexa 349

Blog about the world of the web and technology

Techcrunch.com – Alexa 1203

News website about technology and startup

Time.com – Alexa 332

Fast news websites, reviews, politics, blogs, photos, etc

Outbrain.com – Alexa 111

Outbrain is the world’s largest and most trusted content discovery platform. Find What’s Next.

Zedo.com – Alexa 1516

Zedo is quite a widely used advertising platform

Bitly.com – Alexa 389

This website is often known as a URL shortening website which is widely used by bloggers or other website managers.

Goodgamestudios.com – Alexa 468

A website for a game developer company that is quite well-known that provides content in the form of free games for game mania

Pcmag.com – Alexa 659

Magazine website that discusses computer / information technology and of course including the latest gadgets

Smashingmagazine.com – Alexa 2071

Online magazine website for professional web designers & developers

Mercedes-Benz – Alexa 13360

The website of a car manufacturer that is quite famous around the world

Katyperry.com – Alexa 126,571

The website of an American artist/singer who is very popular with young people, hm…beautiful for sure.

The New Yorker – Alexa 1342

Weekly online magazine that covers political issues and often interviews about politics

Bbcamerica.com – Alexa 14,539

BBC America news website

Top WordPress Brands

A row of other well-known websites that have quite a lot of other visitors who also use wordpress are as follows:

The Official Star Wars Blog
Sony Music
MTV News
ebay Inc
Best Buy
ESPN Product Blog
Nokia Conversations
Ford Social
Time Inc.
Facebook Newsroom
The New York Times Company
Marks & Spencer for Business
Google Ventures
Harvard Business Review Blogs
Larry King Liveblog
The Official Rackspace Blog
Philips DirectLife Coach Blog
ExpressJet Airlines
Inside BlackBerry
Rotary Means Business – Rotary Club
The Rolling Stones
The Walking Dead – AMC
The Mozilla Blog
Web Designer Depot
The Wall Street Journal Law Blog
Dallas Mavericks
Snoop Dogg
SAP News Center
Wolverine Worldwide
Reuters Blogs
Enterprise Magazine UK
The Rolling Stones
Web Design Tutorials
Justin Timberlake
Usain Bolt (The fastest man in the world uses WordPress :p)
Van Heusen
Boise State University
UK Metro
Those are some large-scale websites that use wordpress that we have collected, there are many more actually websites that use wordpress, if you want to know more maybe you can see it on the wordpress showcase page (https://wordpress.org/showcase)

So there is no harm in using wordpress as your website platform, because large and well-known websites also use wordpress.

Understanding the Difference between Posts and Pages on a Website

Understanding the difference between Page and Post before you create a website is certainly very necessary, so that you don’t make the wrong and don’t make mistakes in interpreting their respective functions.

Pages or pages usually contain static data where the amount is usually not much, does not change often, even only once a year is usually rare. Examples of this page are the About Us, Vision, Mission and similar pages.

Pages usually do not contain news information that is added to the website on a regular basis, because these pages are permanent.

Pages are usually defined so that they can always be accessed from the front page. Some people build their entire website with just one page, or even just one page, this happens for websites that require little content, and usually this type of website is popular or often used on small-scale websites that sometimes just want an online brochure.

Difference between Post and Page
Difference Between Post and Page in WordPress

Posts usually contain semantic information and the chronology is arranged, added periodically, it can be every day, sometimes even every minute, like on news websites. Post can be used to write news, reports of an event or an event, or the results of a match, and the like.