Beautify Your Website with Adobe Edge Fonts

Fonts are very important in a website, fonts can make a website look attractive or not, it depends on how we place and use fonts correctly on the website that we create.

You must have often heard the term Typography, yep, it is related to the use of fonts. This time we discuss a little about Typography on the website.

For web design, nowadays many people use Font-face in CSS to determine what font to use on their website.

Many people also use the Google Web Fonts service to embed fonts into their websites.

But now there is a service that is relatively newer and quite promising from Adobe, the name is Adobe Edge.

There are about 500 fonts provided by Adobe Edge at this time, and their use is easy, we just insert a javascript tag that points to the javascript file on the adobe edge website, with this script we can use the fonts in Adobe Edge on our website .

You can read the description of its use on this website

Here’s an example of its use.

Insert the following script between head and /head

So now we can use the “strumpf-std” font in every element we want on our website pages with the help of CSS, an example is as follows. We use in the h1 tag,

h1 {
font-family: strumpf-std, serif;
Here’s a demo we’ve made
Create an html file, here I use adobe-edge.html
Insert Javascript in the head and /head tags

Then create an HTML structure like this: Adobe Edge Demo Font :

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Then we beautify it with CSS, in this example we put CSS between the head tags, you can also put it in a separate css file.