Creating Animated Clouds With CSS

Beautifying the header with a moving / walking cloud effect is quite interesting to apply on the website that is being worked on.
Making it is also quite easy, the results will also provide a plus for our website, because this includes elements that can make people feel at home on your website while enjoying the animation (UX).

Photo by Kamil PorembiƄski

To make it we actually only need skills using css, because it takes a little knowledge of some of the functions in css3, such as box-shadow, animation, transform, border-radius.

The application can be anywhere, but usually in the header because the cloud is located above, the number of clouds can be adjusted to the needs of the website and made integrated with the existing website, the shape of the cloud can be adjusted to the needs

Start with HTML
Okay, let’s just start by creating an index.html file and write the following html script. is a website for Indonesian Web Designers & Web Developers, and Indonesian Graphic Designers.

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It can be seen that if we create ID #sky which will be used as an area for pacing the cloud, and CLASS .main for website content. ID #sky will contain 5 clouds, each of which is assigned a class with its number.
For the form of the layout can be adjusted to your wishes and needs.

Styling with CSS
Next we will beautify with css so that everything can work as expected.