Creating slide controls with Jquery

In this tutorial we will try to create a Slide Control with Jquery, what is a slide control? Basically we will control the content of an input text just by dragging the controller.

Jquery Slide Control
Jquery Slide Control

This is great if you want to use it to beautify the form when there is a field to fill in for example weight, or height, or if on an e-commerce website it can be used to beautify the number of items you want to buy, or if you are creating a music website. , now this can be used to adjust the volume etc. Yes, that’s how it’s used.

Ok let’s start

First prepare a js folder, containing the following files:

The Jquery Slide Control plugin can be found here.
Next, prepare a css folder containing the following files:

Okay now create a file called index.html, placed outside the js folder, and css

The contents are roughly as follows

  • Responsiveness:
  • Safety:
  • Information:

While the contents of the css/style.css file are as follows: