Editing Web Views with Google Chrome

You can also use Google Chrome to edit your web appearance (mock up). But before we continue this tutorial, you should have mastered both of the following:

HTML Basics
CSS Layout Basics
If you have not mastered these two things, you should first read about css & html from the following websites or here.

Web Layout changes that can be done with the help of Google Chome actually involve editing CSS and HTML live, so that the changes are immediately visible on the screen. You can change the base color, shift or change the size (length and width) of a TAG.

The steps to start the Layout change are as follows:

Open websites with Google Chrome
Specify the Section you will Edit.
Right click to bring up the popup menu
Click Inspect element
The following display appears:
The display above consists of 3 main parts, namely the web display, HTML source code and CSS Style. You can try to do editing in HTML source or in CSS Style. For CSS styles will be seen in the line where the editing is done.
CSS changes in Google Chrome are only to see the changes live, without changing the original file. If Editing is OK, you can make changes to the original file.
good luck