How to Manipulate Photos With CSS

Photo manipulation with CSS | To be able to manipulate photos, you don’t have to use expensive software like Adobe Photoshop, just with CSS, you can manipulate your photos to be more interesting by giving various effects.

Yep, CSS can manipulate photos, you heard right.

CSS now is not the same as CSS a few years ago, CSS is now more powerful, CSS has many features that if used properly it can manipulate photos.

photo manipulation with css

CSS3 has various features that make this possible (manipulating photos), including:

Filters, blends, modes, gradients, box-shadow, stoke, rotation, and so on.

These features make the image display in the browser more attractive, there is no need to use photo processing applications such as Photoshop if you want to just give overlay effects, multiply, screen, color-dodge, lighten, hue, saturation, gradients etc.

The effects that we usually find in Photoshop can now be done with only CSS, and instantly the browser will display the results.

Here’s a video from Una Kravets entitled Editing Images in CSS that she presented at the last dotCSS seminar.

Let’s watch the video