Icon Shaped Writing for Website Design

Icon Shaped Writing for Website Design

Often in making a website, we need an icon to provide a clearer picture and easily captured by website users. The following is an icon-shaped font that can be used to complete the appearance of your website.

Icon Fonts

How to use it is very easy, no need to install or download anything. Use the CDN provided by this font maker:


If you want to use this font on localhost please download this font here. After that, copy it to the website directory and call this awesome css font on the section of your website.

And please choose to share the icon provided by this font to be installed on your website.

Icon list provided font awesome
Icon list provided font awesome

Still confused about what is meant, well… here I give some views that show the use of this font in several website components.

In the navigation menu in the website header:
Home Icon on website navigation menu
Html code used:

It can be seen in the code above to display the icon, we just need to determine the class according to the code of each icon .fa fa-book fa-fw

Button with icon in it:
Button with icon in it

Html code used:


Font Awesome
Version 4.0.3

Well, easy is not it to use?

Another advantage that I like is that this icon can be styled using css like other fonts. It’s cool, isn’t it, if you want to change the color, just give it a color, change the size just give it a font-size, you can also give it a shadow. It’s great!!!

Okay, so my short sharing.