The Most Complete Web Development Learning Place

There are lots of places to learn the basics of making websites on the Internet, as evidence we can find millions of search results with the keyword “web tutorial” on Google.

Search results for the word tutorial web
Search results for the word tutorial web

“If you want to be good at making websites, then learn from the website”

Maybe the words above are appropriate for us to say because it is on the Internet that we can be smart and clever in all things, especially those related to website creation. By learning from the Internet, we no longer need expensive courses in the real world, sometimes we don’t even need to buy a website programming book (because there are many books that take references from the Internet), even learning from the internet can make us smarter than just learning 2 to 3 times. 4 hours a week at university/campus.

However, not all websites that we find in the Google search results that present the knowledge in making the website in full. Some people (friends, teachers, mentors) suggest beginners to learn from This is undeniable because w3school is very complete, but sometimes we also need other references as a place to learn, maybe because we are bored with w3schools or because w3school is too mainstream (if the slang children say today) :p. Or because w3school has been criticized for some of its mistakes some time ago, please check at

In this article, we will provide a list of websites that in terms of function and purpose resemble, which is a place to learn websites for beginners (you could say the first step in learning website creation). But with a slightly different taste 🙂

In our opinion, this is the most complete website to explore the basics of website creation. Especially html and css, because it is W3 who creates and manages HTML and CSS.

Source collection site for HTML projects, including tutorials, cheat sheet tags, how to use graphics, and tips on other web technologies such as XML.

HTML tutorials, latest browser analysis, shareware and plug-ins.

Tizag is a website designed for beginners, and invites you to start learning web programming.

Web Development and Design Tutorials, Tips and Reviews

A place to learn HTML from basic to advanced level, with references and links.

From the name we can tell that this is a place to learn html, but we can also learn css quite completely here.

This website discusses HTML & CSS in full, even HTML5, CSS3, JS and PERL are also available.

Other Websites Similar to W3Schools