Animation with CSS

A few years ago, if you wanted to create a simple animation on a website, such as an object moving from left to right, then you had to create it using Flash, which was frame-by-frame. It’s a bit tricky.

But now everything is simpler, we can create animations with CSS3.

How to make it? In this article, Wakaka gives an example of a simple animation that we can make using CSS, of course, this is just the basics, you can make something even better than this later. Remember this is just basic for beginners.

Creating HTML Structure

CSS Code
This CSS is placed between the . tags

There we determine, if the mouse is above the yellow box, there will be a transition, the duration of which is width: 2 seconds, height 2 seconds, -moz-transform 2 seconds, and -moz-border-radius 1 second.