Review of the Year’s Web Design Trends

Web Design is always interesting to watch and follow its development.
From year to year there are many changes, for example this year is very lively with Responsive Web Design and Flat Design, 2013 is even called the year of Responsive Web Design. Because you could say 2013 was the transition period for the web layout paradigm that can be opened on almost all screens.


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Here are 10 Web Design Trends in 2013

Responsive design
Web that can adjust its appearance according to the width of the device screen (device)
flat design
The type of design is flat, in the sense that it has no shadow (shadow), uncomplicated texture, no bubble effect, does not use various effects.
Static headers
Websites whose headers are in a fixed position, such as Facebook and Twitter this year
A type of web design that uses the effect of moving from several layers at different intervals (speed).
Infinite scrolling websites
The website layout when scrolled down will never run out, because when it reaches the bottom, other data will be loaded again. *does not use paging)
Support for HiDPI (Retina) displays
Websites that already support Retina Display (apple devices)
Typographically-led designs
Websites that really take advantage of the power of typography as a support for web appearances, with WebFont this is getting crowded
Circular design elements
With the start of support for CSS3 Border Radius by modern browsers, the use of rounded shapes for web elements is increasingly being used.
CSS3 animations
The web that uses CSS3 capabilities to create animations, with CSS3 and HTML5 added makes it easier for Web Developers to create animations for the web, without the need for Flash.
Supersized buttons
The display of the button is large enough to make people focus directly on the button.
Those are some of the things that were quite trending in the world of web design in 2013.