Trend Web Design 2012 version of T-WD

Trends in the world of web design are always changing, now there are trends in frameworks, responsive web, and more. If we remember some time ago almost all website layouts are made with tables. Now almost all of them have tables, or do not use tables to form the layout. But tables are of course still very useful in many situations, but not for web view frameworks.

In writing on the last day of 2012, will discuss some of our own version of web design trends during 2012.

  1. Responsive Web Design
    The year 2012 is arguably the year of Responsive Web Design, Responsive web design is a website display design that can adjust the screen size of the device when the website is opened. So the website can be opened with Mobile, Tablet PC, Desktop, Widescreen TV, etc. without making it difficult for visitors to enjoy the existing content.


This can be proven by the number of websites that have changed their design from previously unresponsive to responsive, including,, etc.

And there are many tools that can be used to make it easier to create responsive web designs, such as Frameworks, Plugins, and others.

  1. CSS3 and HTML5

It is undeniable, CSS3 and HTML5 were discussed a lot during 2012, many websites are starting to use the advanced features of HTML5. Dipenghunjung 2012 W3C has also stated that HTML5 features are complete. The many CSS3 Generator and HTML5 Starter templates are also increasingly making people interested in using these 2 technologies.

  1. Framework & Grid System
    HTML & CSS Framework is also a byword during 2012

Zurb Foundation, Twitter Bootstrap, Skeleton could be some that many designers are starting to like.

Previous frameworks such as the 960 Grid System are also still widely used.


  1. Single Page, Parallax & Fixed Navigation
    Websites consisting of only 1 page (Single Page) were widely used during 2012:

Usually this single page is combined with interesting effects from Jquery Scroll or Parallax such as (Scrollolama)

This type of web design usually also implements Fixed Navigation (Menu whose position does not change place). For example, the menu on the Twitter and Facebook websites.


  1. Infinite scroll
    We’ve always been familiar with the term paging, or website page numbering with numbers and links for the Next Page or Previous page, such as Google. However, during 2012 many designers did not use Paging/Pagination, but preferred Infinite Scroll, where the website will load other content if we scroll. As if it’s endless, usually Social Media websites and news websites use this method, because of their large content. You can prove it on the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Mashable websites.


  1. Custom Font Faces
    Some time ago we used to use Arial, Verdana or just standard fonts to apply on our website. But now we can say that we can use all fonts, the website becomes more attractive, it doesn’t need to be designed in photoshop, we can use the font we want just by including the font with its CSS3 Font-face feature, or we can simply embed it from Google web fonts, Adobe Edge, or Typekit.


  1. Ribbon and Circle
    There seem to be a lot of Web Designers using the Ribbon on their websites during 2012.


In addition, the Circle shape is no less trendy.


This could be due to the CSS3 feature which has also made it possible to create web element forms like that.

  1. Big Image / Background
    We know that images are the elements that can most attract the attention of website visitors, the use of super large images is widely used by web designers in 2012.


  1. Minimalist & Simple
    Minimalist designs are still popular this year, although many people think that minimalist designs are made lazily, and there is no art, but in the web world, minimalist designs are widely used because of many considerations too, Bandwidth, Acceptable Almost all ages, and easy to match colors.


  1. Infographics
    The last thing we have observed that it is widely used this year is the use of infographics instead of web pages, the use of infographics has become a trend because many people think that visualizing images and interesting writing can make people understand more about the intent of the content presented.


Metro Style
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