Bootstrap vs Foundation | Which one is better?

Bootstrap vs Foundation Comparison | Which is Better — Currently, there are a lot of HTML & CSS frameworks popping up, the website has collected more than +100 html and css frameworks currently available, and of course that’s not all, there must be many more whose names have not been detected. .

However, there are two of the most popular frameworks today, the ones with the most users, namely Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation.

So are you planning to create a web design and considering between the two well-known frameworks? If so, of course there is confusion about which one to use, because both are quite complete including support for being able to create responsive web designs easily. The answer of course depends on what you want to achieve.

But to get started, you need to understand what a framework can do for you. A framework is a collection of tools or libraries for creating websites and mobile applications. The Framework package includes files and folders of standard code (HTML, CSS, JS, etc.) as the basis to start building a website. Since many sites have the same structure — Framework makes it easy so developers don’t have to start from scratch to code, saving time and effort.

So what are the advantages of Bootstrap vs Foundation? This infographic might be able to answer your question.



At a glance, we can see that bootstrap is slightly superior to foundation, for example bootstrap is available in less and sass forms, while foundation is only sass. From a community perspective, bootstrap is also bigger than foundation.

Hopefully you can understand, and hopefully add to your knowledge about the framework.

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