Include the source URL of each copy paste web article

This article will try to include the source URL when someone copies and pastes content on the website.

Article theft without responsibility is sometimes annoying, for people who are tired of thinking about what content is good for their website, tired of writing it, then easily and without guilt other people copy and paste it into their website and post it directly as their own. This is annoying sometimes.

The article is actually to be read and studied, not to be copied and pasted and posted on its own website without any credit to the original author.

There need to be preventive ways to overcome this problem, in the previous article has tried to prevent the theft of web articles with css. This time we try another method, namely by including the source URL of the article every time someone does a copy paste.

To do that we need Javascript, because it seems only javascript can do that to the client (client site scripting).

Other Uses
There’s always a good side and a bad side to something, for those who like copy and paste this can be annoying, but for people who care about copyright then this is very helpful. Why?
Sometimes because there are too many copy-pastes, a person who is working on a scientific paper forgets where he/she took/quotes the writing from. This can help them because it is easy to find out where they are copying and pasting from. There are other uses for sure for SEO, but we won’t go into more detail, we’ll just put it into practice.


  1. Here we only need to register on the Tynt website ( by entering your email and personal data.
  2. Then later we will be given a code that we can take. Example Code
  1. Copy the code and place it at the top of the web, right before the /head tag;
  2. If you have registered, there will be guidelines there, both for personal websites, WordPress, Blogger or others.
  3. If it has been placed above the /head tag, then run the website again, and try to copy your website articles. Then the result will look like this image.

Copy Paste
Example of pasting an article into Microsoft Word

I applied it on this website, and I tried to paste it in Microsoft word. The result will be the same as the image above if you paste it in a web editor, or code editor or anywhere else.

So many tricks this time, hopefully useful for you.

Greetings Web Design Indonesia.