Animating Gallery Pages Quickly and Easily

Gallery is one of the important elements on the website, the gallery is usually used to display photos of activity or event documentation.

Some people are a little difficult to beautify this gallery page.

In this article, we will show you the easiest way to create a gallery page for your website, what we made can also be combined with the techniques in our previous tutorial, namely Creating a Popup Image Gallery with Jquery and HTML5.

To create a gallery page, follow these steps.

  1. Creating HTML Structure

First create the HTML structure here, pay attention to the javascript, css styles, and html body, how come they are all empty?

Don’t worry because we will fill it with a script that we will get from the website “lift effect for lists”.


  1. After the HTML structure is created, now open the website: lift effect for lists
  2. Then set the existing effect options as you like, we tried with settings like the picture below.
  3. Then click the Generate button

Then you will be given HTML, CSS and Javascript/Jquery code.

Now put each code in the HTML structure that we created above.

  1. Done, here is the resulting DEMO, please select the effect you want for better results.

This method is used to help you create a first impression when the page is opened only
For more information, you can combine it with our previous tutorial, namely: Creating a Popup Image Gallery With Jquery and HTML5

Ok that’s it for this tutorial