Creating Sound Menus With HTML5 Audio

Creating a sound menu or having a sound effect when the mouse hovers using HTML5 Audio is our discussion this time.

In the past we needed to use Flash to create sound effects like this, looking very sophisticated. But now with the presence of HTML5 which is sophisticated enough to make things easier, we don’t need to make it with flash, and we don’t need to also install Flash Player on our computers, flash players like this can also harm computers because they are vulnerable to malware insertion.

For inspiration you can see some websites that are made using HTML5.
html5 audio menu
Okay, straight to the topic, we will make a menu that when the mouse hovers it will make a sound, for that we need some ingredients 🙂 #LikeCookingSaja.

Sound files you can find in soundible
Robot pictures for background
First we create the HTML structure first, write it as below.