Learn HTML5 With Videos

Learning HTML5 Watching video tutorials and examples is a good thing, there are many ways to learn, including reading, asking, listening and seeing. This time we will try to learn by watching videos about HTML5 that we may not know about.

Many people say HTML5 is the future of websites, the new features of HTML5 are quite a lot. HTML5 when combined with CSS3 will be very good results, coupled with knowledge of JavaScript it will produce something powerful.

Image by slavik_V

HTML5 features such as Canvas, Local Storage, Web SQL Database, Drag & Drop, Web Socket, Audio, Geo Location, Input type (Validation), Semantic Markup, and others are worth learning immediately.

Here we can see how and what we can learn from HTML5.

What is HTML5?

Tomomi Imura, “Mobile Web: Real Life Examples of HTML5 for Mobile”

Learn About HTML5 and the Future of the Web

Introduction to HTML 5