Make Browser As Text Editor

Making a web browser as an editor like notepad seems impossible, but in fact we can use the browser that we have so that it can become a text editor to take notes, or create html files.

This can be used to quickly take notes, usually rather than flipping through notepad it’s easier if we just click on the bookmark link we’ve created.

Back to the main topic, we can make a Web Browser like mozilla or chrome as an editor by writing the following short script in the Address bar.


To try, just Copy Paste the code into the Address Bar in the Browser
Save in bookmarks for easy clicks quickly
Use Google Chrome To Try
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Example 1: Standard Editor
Copy Paste the script above into the Address Bar in your browser, after that try typing on the blank page that is formed, you can save what you typed by pressing CTRL + S or Menu File->Save

Changing the Editor View.

It turns out that we can change the appearance of the editor in the browser, we can make it similar to notepad, sublime-text and even we can make it like paper to write a diary.

Example 2: Like Notepad
With this we can add the prefix Text.



Example 3: like Sublime Text
Sublime Text in Browser
Sublime Text in Browser

Example 4: Diary / Text Notes
As we mentioned earlier, we can make it look like a paper diary that is ready to be written, please copy and paste the following script into the URL Address in the browser.