Surprising facts about making T-shirts

We all say that we love nature, but on the other hand we also destroy it, such as deforestation to make a modern city or to make paper, then with that paper we write “Save the Forest” or “Don’t Cut Trees”.

It’s the same thing with Shirt/T-Shirt Designs that are loved by almost all of the world’s population, but do you know, How much is the environmental cost of making these clothes?

Did you know?

Most of recommended products used to make T-Shirts are cottons, nearly 24.3 million tonnes of cottons are consumed per year globally. But the average weight of a normal T-Shirt is just 200g, even thought this light product has a big impact on global environment.

Nearly half a million is used for T-shirts alone, for one cotton T-shirt requires 2000 liters of water. The T-shirt is not friendly to the environment for 150g of the pesticides used in it. If you calculate for one year it will be equivalent to 11,881 MP SHERMAN ARMY TANKS.

The infographic below will provide more details on the pros and cons of the “life of T-Shirt”. And how to avoid it with natural techniques.

Dangers of T-shirts in Videos and Infographics
This video describes the CO2 emissions in the air.

Infographics on Life of T-Shirt