Levitation Photo | Examples and Tutorials

Currently in Indonesia, levitation photos are booming, levitation photos are photos that seem to float. There are several ways to make levitation photos, some edit them with photoshop, some deliberately take pictures as if they are flying, of course the speed of a camera in capturing objects in a certain time is very influential.

People who are often and quite famous in publishing levitation style photos are a woman named Natsumi Hayashi (other links on artsy) from Tokyo, Japan. On his blog, which is called http://yowayowacamera.com/, he used to often upload photos that he took himself. Too bad nowadays it’s almost never.

Here are some of Natsumi Hayashi’s shots

Levitation photo taken by another photographer

Umbrella (source)

Surfing (source)

Lamb (source)

Like Levitation (source)

Like Levitation (source)

Public Telephone (source)

Meditation (source)

Magic? (source)

Use Desk (source)

Child Levitation (source)

Levitation for coins (source)

Family Time (source)

Beach / Often found in Indonesia (source)

Gypsy, magic (source)

Reading (source)

Scared Sleep (source)

Pixie Dust (source)

Easter Lazins (source)

Here are some video tutorials for making Levitation-style photos

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Okay, so a few reviews about Levitation photos, there are lots of examples of levitation photos that have been uploaded to the Internet by photographers for a long time, hopefully what we present can be used as inspiration.

So you’re ready to jump in and fly now? Hmm….