10 Best Syntax Highlighters for Writing Code on Websites

Sometimes we need to write snippets of program code on the website we are making so that other people can read it. This usually needs to be done by a website whose content is in the form of tutorials on making programs or websites.

The above also occurs on the tutorial-webdesign.com website that you are reading, where we also need to display snippets of program code from the tutorial that we describe. You can read how we display program code snippets in the Migration article from SyntaxHighlighter, where you can find out what plugins are used on the TWD website.

There are lots of jquery plugins that you can use to display code snippets, with the syntax highlighter plugin the program snippets written will look neat, will adjust to the width of your layout, and will not be executed by the website itself.

Here we inform you of 10 jQuery syntax highlighters that you can use on your website.

  1. Highlight.js
    Hihglight.js can be used for 112 languages ​​and has 49 styles, it will automatically detect the language used, supports more than one language usage, can be used for node.js and is also compatible with most javascript frameworks.
  2. Jush JavaScript Syntax Highlighter
    This JavaScript Syntax Highlighter can be used as a client-side syntax highlighter for the following programming languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTTP and SMTP protocol, php.ini and Apache config.
  3. Beauty of Code
    Beauty of code is a syntax highlighter that is also often used by developers, you can check directly on the website for more info about this plugin.
  4. Google Code Prettify
    Google Code Prettify is a javascript module and css file that allows you to write code from source code that you have in web pages.

Google Code Prettify

  1. Lighter for MooTools
    Lighter is a syntax highlight class developed for MooTools. Made with MooTools developer with references to some of the framework’s features.
  2. Syntax Highlighter
    SyntaxHighlighter was created by Alex Gorbatchev, and it seems that this is the most widely used website to display program code snippets.