7 WYSIWYG HTML Editors Free

WYSIWYG html editor is a text/content editor that usually exists on a dynamic website, usually wysiwyg html editor is located on the administrator page, wysiwyg html editor has features similar to microsoft word, where we can make text italic, bold, underlined , set paragraphs, make bullets & numbering, and others that are useful for managing website content.

Wysiwyg html editor the most famous is TinyMCE (even used by wordpress), Here are some other free wysiwyg editor that you can use for your website.

  1. Bootstrap-wysiwyg
    Wysiwyg is very small, the file size is only 5kb, and the source code is less than 200 lines.

jquery editor 1 bootstrap

  1. Froala
    Froala WYSIWYG web editor made with the latest technology for today’s website needs

jquery editor 2 Froala

  1. Trumbowyg
    Trumbowyg is a plugin that is quite lightweight, can be translated and adapted to your needs. It has a beautiful design, generates semantic code, accompanied by a powerful API.

jquery editor 3 Trumbowyg

  1. jQuery-Notebook
    Wysiwyg is a simple, clean & elegant web editor that is excellent for web applications that you are building.

jquery editor 4 Jquery notebook5. jquery.qeditor
Very simple WYSIWYG editor made with jquery

jquery editor 5 jquery.qeditor

  1. Morrigan
    Morrigan Editor is a jQuery WYSIWYG editor with predictable behavior, persistence and consistency.