How to Install Phalcon Framework PHP on Windows

To install the Phalcon Framework on Windows and use it for web development purposes, you can first download the Phalcon library DLL.

After downloading, extract the dll then copy-paste it into the xampp/php/ext folder, see the picture below for details.


Then open the php.ini file in the xampp/php folder. Here’s a picture for details


Add phalcon extension in php.ini as shown below:


Now we will check whether the phalcon framework has been installed or not. Simply create a .php file or you can look at phpinfo.


Check with the .php file, create a new folder in htdocts named phalcon_cek then create a new file index.php with the source code to check phalcon

Open a browser and run http://localhost:8080/phalcon_cek/ it will look like this if phalcon is installed


Congratulations you have finished installing phalcon 🙂