Tutorial How to Install Xampp on Linux Ubuntu

Linux is one of the operating systems that is widely used among developers, in addition to its free license and many open source applications that help developers work on their projects. In general, linux is divided into several distributions / linux descendants such as ubuntu, debian, open suse and others. and xampp is a webserver package that supports 3 operations, namely Windows, Linux and macOS.

How to install xampp on linux and windows is different because on linux the installation is not only with a double click but in other ways, it can be online and offline, in this tutorial we will try to use the terminal to modify access rights on the xampp file that we will install

xampp linux ubuntu

Here’s how to install xampp on linux ubuntu:

Download the latest xampp here
Open a linux terminal ( alt + t )
Grant execution access with the command sudo chmod +x filename.run
Execute the file by sudo ./filename.run and the installation process will appear
Follow the installation stages and wait until the installation process is complete
install xampp linux

If the installation is complete, the project directory is also slightly different, if on windows the directory is located in C:xampp/htdocs then on linux it is in the /opt/lampp/htdocs directory. to be able to access the project you must also give the command chmod 777 in your project folder.

If you are still confused about following the explanation above, it’s a good idea to watch the following xampp installation video on linux

so much

Hopefully this tutorial helps php developer friends who are just migrating to the linux world.