10 Characteristics of a Good Quality Web Designer

Web designers who have good quality are easy to find, there are lots of web designers today, especially with the increasingly busy web industry in Indonesia in particular.

If you are looking to build a website with a good design, or you are looking for a web designer who you will invite to be your work partner in building a website, then try to take your time to read the following article so that you are not wrong in choosing people. (web designers). Because some designers are quite professional in their fields but very many are amateurs and irresponsible.

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Here we will provide at least 10 qualities that a good web designer must have or we can say quite professional in their field, so that it can be your reference in choosing a quality web designer.

  1. Good Listener.
    Image by Radu Chibzii

A good web designer absolutely must be a good listener, so he can understand what your needs are and consider what he should give to fulfill your wishes in a website design.

  1. Consider Your Ideas.
    Many web designers are selfish, he only focuses on what he wants to do with your website and does not care about what you want the website you want to create. The web designer does have knowledge of what he will create, but he also has to consider what his clients want.
  2. Communication.
    In addition to being a listener, a good designer must have good communication as well, he must be able to explain the terminology about websites in the language you do with him. He is also easy to contact and easy to talk to.
  3. Knowledge of Technology.
    If you want to test your web designer’s skills or knowledge, then test his knowledge of web technology. He must be familiar with the tools used in making a website.

Responsive Web
Image By IntelFreePress

He can be said to be a good web designer if he understands HTML, CSS graphic issues, layout design, media issues, browser compatibility, and other issues surrounding the web.

  1. Use of Terminology.
    A web designer not only knows technology, but he also has to understand how to use the technology.

For example, currently the term “Responsive Web Design” is booming, a designer may know in theory but can he already use it? has he ever made Please see how he uses the technology, either by looking at his portfolio or from the ideas he gives.

  1. Keeping Business and Goals Together.
    You certainly want your website to look good, a good web designer must also be committed to making a design that has good quality too, a web designer must understand that what he makes will be / add to his portfolio. By understanding that, usually web designers will always give their best in every job.

For that you can look at his portfolio, whether he consistently makes good ones or only occasionally.

  1. Save Your Time and Cost.
    Sometimes web designers just think how to make him earn a lot of money from you. So be careful with web designers who ask for too long or too fast processing time, especially if they are paid hourly or daily. You should determine how long the target and the costs will be before starting work, a good designer will not waste your time and will not rush too, rushing can make the results not optimal.

But keep in mind, don’t press the price of the web designer, because it can make him work with a less happy heart, so the results are not optimal, give the best price so that he is happy and can produce good work.

  1. Good at Combining Old Designs With New.
    A good web designer can combine what was there before with new ideas, in terms of making a new website design for example, he will give a new touch by not leaving the character of your old website.

But if you want something that is completely 100% changeable, you should talk about it firmly too, because some designers work by looking at how you/your company was before.

So ask him to provide input on what he will do with your website, before you actually hire him, a good web designer must be able to describe what he will do.

  1. Have a Good Portfolio.

Most importantly, of course, we have to see what he has done, this is quite important when we want to work with other people. Look at his work, if you think it’s interesting, don’t just look at one, but see several, whether he consistently makes good or not.

  1. Recommendation / Big Name.

If he is highly recommended by others, of course he is a qualified person and has a good image in the eyes of others. So try to see his actions in cyberspace, with his activities on social media or in groups/forums, if he often provides solutions to questions in the group, you can say he has reliable abilities.

That’s it.

Hopefully this can be your reference before choosing a web designer, if anyone wants to add, please write in the comments section, so this article can be more useful.