5 Tips to Create the Perfect Web Design

Tips for making the perfect web design / perfect — Creating a perfect web design is a task that is not easy even classified as very difficult for some people, and this is far from just looking beautiful, but also must be rich in content. Here are five tips to help you get started.

  1. Know your market
    Research is the foundation of any graphic design project – web design is basically the same thing. Getting information about the market will give you a better understanding of these industry trends. Knowing the purpose of the website as well as the target audience of the website will help you to decide what elements should be present and which elements should not, as well as coloring and other things.

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  1. Make it as simple as possible
    You never get a second chance to make a first impression! This applies to everything. The brain prefers to think about things that are easy to think about – so a website design with a simple navigation structure that is clear and visible on whatever page the user is on is important to pay attention to. You can use the first page/homepage as a portal to other areas of the site; make a snapshot or a brief description of the website that was created.
  2. Balanced between Art and Science
    web design
    Web Design via ragingcreations.com

Using a structured grid will help create order and consistency. A grid defines elements that appear in the same position throughout the website, such as logos and navigation. However, depending too much on the grid can make the design look monotonous, so a little out of the way of the grid with text, testimonials and images will make the website interesting to look at, make sure you pour your knowledge about the web in balance with your artistic spirit.

  1. Put Users as Top Priority
    Making users feel that the time they spend visiting your site is not in vain is also very important, making it easier for them to find information on the website so they don’t get bored and waste time. As mentioned in point 3, use a grid system to establish trust in the eyes of users, which allows them to find information and navigate the site easily.
  2. Make sure it looks good
    Pay attention to the details of the web design, make sure the pixels in the image look perfect, and the image looks sharp, clean and has good contrast. And don’t forget to test your site in several different browsers as well as on several different devices to make sure your website looks good on all devices, if not, of course you have to optimize again.

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