8 Amazing Web Design Facts

Amazing web design facts — If you are someone who is easily fascinated or easily irritated by the appearance of a website. Then you need to know how the ins and outs of the web design process. Being a visitor is indeed trivial, just open the web here and there, but only a few people understand the activities behind the creation of the visited website.

You have to understand how different web browsers display websites, visitor experience or visitor habits towards a website is very dependent on basic factors such as the loading time of the website, browser variations, code age and website content. Following are some pretty amazing and interesting aspects of web design that you need to know about.

  1. Websites are processed differently on each web browser.
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When you view a website using Google Chrome from your home computer you may see the same view as in Safari on an iPhone. But not necessarily the same when viewed with Internet Explorer or Opera, because each browser usually translates the code to display the website differently. In some browsers there are new features or technologies that have been adopted, while other browsers sometimes have not been able to adopt these features, as a result the display becomes different. The difference in the way the browser does rendering is hell for developers who always want to provide good security to their visitors. Professional web designers are usually experts in dealing with this problem because they are familiar with standard HTML and CSS codes.

  1. Design determines where the user will focus on your website.
    The internet has changed the way we read and browse content. According to a report from the Nielson Norman Group, “How Users Read on the Web” that a successful site with a clear and scannable layout had a usability increase of up to 47%. If visitors can’t find information quickly from your website, then they are likely to leave your website and visit another site instead.

web design facts
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Web designers try to create a site display that allows visitors to immediately focus on important information to be conveyed (target), such as an online store, company blog, an organization’s history, or other content that is important to them and to you as a visitor. Web professionals can also use heat maps and analytical tools to see which popular buttons or links are clicked frequently so they can continue to improve the user experience by updating regularly.

  1. Website age: 2 years is considered old
    Web designers are constantly working hard to be able to compete quickly as technology advances. As web browsers and the devices used to access websites continue to change, so must the way in which websites are designed and developed. To be able to stay updated with the latest technology, digital professionals must stay on the latest coding standards, update compatibility between browsers and keep up with changes in search engine algorithms.

Seconds Old Display
Seconds Old Display (Photo:dunia-reja-sehat.blogspot.com)

An outdated site runs the risk of not performing optimally in web browsers, experiencing unexpected formatting issues, or not showing up properly in search engines. In this case, the two-year-old site may be outdated and not in line with current changes. Hm… tired of following technology.

  1. Templates limit what you can do with your website.
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Many people are now turning to websites with template systems as an “easy way out”. Initial template packages usually allow people to build websites with little or no coding knowledge. But unfortunately, companies can lose credibility by relying too much on templates, which usually includes too much code that the website doesn’t really need, and even premium templates that provide too many elements that are not needed. There are some templates that are flexible in what to use and what not, but others can’t. It would be better if your website is specially made and uses a special design and with a concept that is also specially designed to better suit the needs of the website.

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  1. Your website code helps to attract the attention of search engines

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