Borobudur Temple Website Concept with Adobe XD

The website concept for the Borobudur Temple tourist destination has finally been completed. Watch the video how this project was created from scratch to become a cool & clean tourist destination profile website.

For this time I created a website profile for one of our famous tourist destinations, namely Borobudur Temple. I am excited to make local works of course with our local branding. So that our local tourist destinations can be much better known by many people out there.

Banner – Borobudur temple website

The concept of the website that I created is simple, still highlighting a characteristic of the tourist destination of the Borobudur Temple itself, with a distinctive stone stupa inside, and various ornaments to support the design of this website. However, I also made a display of souvenirs that were sold on the website so that people who would visit this tourist destination were more interested and eventually bought this typical souvenir of Borobudur Temple.

Therefore, let’s make a work of whatever it is that can highlight our local branding, so that later it can be known by many people out there.

For more details, I have shared the video. How do I make this project concept from zero to a white canvas, to become a modern work that is cool to look at.

Click the video link: Adobe XD — Borobudur Temple Website Concept Video

Here I have provided the full page results of the project I made in the image below. So that friends can focus more on the final result of this project.

Web 1920 – 1

That’s the project I’m working on for my practice, and there will be my training projects in the future. So wait for my next projects.

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