Cool and Inspiring 404 Error Page Example

Cool and Inspiring 404 Error Page Examples — Having a good 404 Error page is probably just as important as having good content. Even the 404 Error page is also part of the content, the 404 page is complementary content that serves to provide information to visitors when the website page or URL they visit is not available.

This 404 Error page can work very well if you want, usually 404 error pages are very boring, but optimizing this 404 page will make it more useful.

404 pages can add interesting images, add links to other pages, or add a search form so that visitors can find other pages, so that way you can prevent visitors who want to leave your website.

If you don’t have a 404 page yet, or are still optimizing a 404 page well, maybe you can optimize it, you can see some of the lists that we provide below. Please read until the end of this article.