Easily Create Web Designs With Twitter Bootstrap

Creating a website design with Twitter Bootstrap is indeed quite interesting, this html & css framework is increasingly popular and popular because it makes it easier for web designers to create layouts, twitter bootstrap uses a grid system for layout settings, there are also features to create responsive websites so that the website display can be opened on mobile (Tablet PC/Handphone), besides Twitter bootstrap also provides ready-made codes that can be easily used such as tables, buttons, forms, etc.

Twitter Bootstrap is listed as the most downloaded code on Github right now, the community is growing and growing. There are a lot of tools related to twitter bootstrap customization.

FYI: This http://www.tutorial-webdesign.com website was also created using Twitter Bootstrap

However, with so many features that Twitter Bootstrap has, it turns out that there are still people who are not satisfied, humans are always looking for ways to make everything more practical, even though Twitter Bootstrap has actually shortened the time.

Layoutit (http://www.layoutit.com)

Here the Web Design Tutorial will introduce a website that will make it easier for you to work with twitter bootstrap.


With layoutit making designing with twitter bootstrap easier, we just need to drag & drop to create the desired layout.

The Web Design Tutorial team has tried and found it very easy to use layoutit. We just have to open the website http://www.layoutit.com after that press the Start Now button, then start by doing the Drag & Drop menu on the left and place it on the right until the design you want is complete.

Twitter Bootstrap Layoutit
Twitter Bootstrap Layoutit

If you are finished, just click the Download button, you will be presented with a code that can be downloaded or just copy the code that has been generated.

This is interesting information, hopefully it will make it easier to make website designs.