Easy Tips for Designing Websites and Blogs for Beginners

Many people think that the job of designing a website is a complicated job that must be done by a designer in a short time. This statement is not wrong, but you can also become a designer for your personal website or blog. Of course I don’t mean website design from the start, but website or blog design by mixing and matching blog components to get a blog with a beautiful design.

Good vs Bad Design
Good vs Bad Design

  1. Theme
    The theme provided in the blog service is usually the chosen theme from the many themes on the internet. You can just use an external theme for your blog on blogspot, but the theme you can choose from within the blogspot itself is actually good enough for you. Both in terms of compatibility, responsiveness, and support for SEO. Meanwhile, if you are a wordpress user, themes taken from the official wordpress catalog will be regularly updated. If the theme you use is a theme from outside the blog service, you will not necessarily get this benefit.

Some things to consider:

Trend theme (trend 2014 is a flat design blog theme)
Theme responsiveness
Type of blog (text blog, photo blog, magazine blog)
Blog theme (which can affect the blog color, font type, etc.)

  1. Widgets
    Just like themes, there are lots of widgets that you can use to beautify your blog. But filling a blog with lots of widgets will slow down the loading process of your website, especially if the widget is taken from outside the blog service.

A few things to consider:

The fewer widgets, the faster the blog will load
Widget function (clock widget, for example, doesn’t need to exist because everyone who opens your blog obviously already has a clock on their computer or smartphone)
Music widget (everyone has their own favorite song, don’t force your blog visitors to listen to your favorite song)

  1. Fonts
    Since launching the new interface for the dashboard, those of you who use the blogspot blog platform can replace all the fonts on your blog with the font of your choice. Starting from standard fonts such as Arial, Tahoma, and Verdana, to such complex fonts. It’s not wrong for you to use any font for your blog, but it doesn’t mean that your readers will like the font too. If you want to change the theme’s default font, make sure that the replacement font is easier to read than the previous font.

Some things to consider:

Target blog (Use standard font for info and news websites, comic sans font for blog vent for example)
Comparison of the size of one font with another font
The fewer fonts used in a blog, the faster it will load

  1. Flash
    HTML5 is rumored to be a strong replacement for flash which is heavy and requires a lot of loading time. But today there are still many websites that have a flash component in it. Maybe the widgets, maybe the ads, or maybe the whole website itself is flash.

Suggestion : Minimize all widgets that are flash widgets. If the entire blog is flash, change your blog service, because at this time Google can’t index flash.

  1. Advertising
    The more websites that have a target to earn money from the internet, then many ad scripts are installed on the website. Unfortunately, many who place these ads do not pay attention to the design of their own blog. Starting from pop up ads, to click traps. Using ads in this way can get you banned from the advertising services you follow, it can also damage the beautiful design of your blog which results in visitors running away.

Here are some things to consider:

Follow Google Adsense rules (maximum 3 ads in one page)
Don’t use pop up or floating ads
Place the ad in a spot that is easy for visitors to see and access

The five points above can be a direction for all blog or website owners to design their blogs easily. What must be remembered, the appearance of the blog does not have to be full of all the knick-knacks of personal favorite, because not necessarily the visitors who come need all the knick-knacks 🙂