Easy Ways to Understand Web Colors from RGB Codes

If you have ever tried to change the background color or text color of social media profiles, blogger views, or maybe you are someone who is used to struggling with the world of web design specifically, you will often come across Hexadecimal color codes. This is a string of 6 characters – like “0066FF“, which we know is a color code, but few of us make the effort to understand the code.

In this article, Tutorial-WebDesign.com will discuss it a little so that we can better understand this RGB code.

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Here is a simple guide to help you recognize website colors faster from their RGB codes. No more guessing or consulting color palettes.

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The RGB code is usually written like this #RRGGBB (RedRed GreenGreen BlueBlue), the first 2 digits show red, the next two digits are green, and the last two digits are blue.

Each number represents a certain color strength – FF0000 is just red (no green, no blue, because the last four digits are 0), 00FF00 means only green (no red, no blue). If all are present in the same strength as FFFFFF, you will get White, if no color is present, or all 000000, you will get solid black.


Keep in mind that the hexadecimal number is a base 16 number system consisting of 0123456789ABCDEF, in color 0 means black, towards F means white.

If you want dark, you need to move the color to black or 000000. That means 880000 is darker than BB0000 which is darker than FF0000.


Similarly, if you want a lighter “lighten” color, you should move towards white or FFFFFFF. So FF8888 is brighter than FF4444 which is brighter than FF0000.


The color combination is determined by the “strongest” color. So BB8844 is a reddish color, 33CC00 will be slightly green, and 777777 is gray (because it doesn’t have the strongest color)


Likewise, for example with the RGB color code for the blue color Facebook #3B5998 which is dominated by blue.

If you are not familiar with Hexadecimal arithmetic, you can use the standard Windows calculator in scientific mode to perform these calculations. Hex-decimal numbers use 16 unique symbols (0-F) as opposed to the decimal numbering system 10 (0-9), and the additional use of 6 characters in Latin letters A-F.


That’s it.
Hopefully it can help you understand how to read the RGB code of your website’s colors, see you in the next article from Tutorial-Webdesign.com, greetings web design & development Indonesia.