Examples of Smart UX Implementation in a Sports Equipment Website

Example of a website with a smart and cool ux — A digital agency company called Viget has long been known as an agency that produces good quality websites. Some time ago they re-created a website that is quite interesting for us to look at, especially in terms of UX, which they applied to a website that sells sports accessories labeled Dick.

The aim of this product is to develop a lookbook that sells more and is shared more so that it will be known by more people, especially for their new baseball product.

Dick Sporting Goods

Viget is successful here because they can display products in attractive packaging on Dick’s new website, the baseball player scene format made with a video can actually allow visitors to easily find, share (share) and make purchases on their website.

Viget front-end developer Chris Manning mentions that they use vector-type assets wherever possible, as it allows them to scale SVG images well, saves on file size, and they also use web fonts to load pages faster.

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Another Viget front-end developer Doug Avery emphasized the challenges they face in creating a unique UX, according to Doug: “Fransform CSS was used as a way to scale video so it wouldn’t be a problem on a typical computer”.

The result was amazing, they managed to create a website with a very smart UX, has an interesting story for visitors and also a beautiful short video/film. And can be a reference for other website developers.

If you are curious you can see the website here (dsg.com).

Please enjoy the sophistication of the website, and hopefully it can inspire us all if one day we get a project with similar themes to the website.