Guide to Creating Wireframes for Web Designers — Ebook

Ebook Guide to Creating Wireframes for Web Designers – Wireframes, or what we can call a page schema or blueprint screen, are visual guides that represent website frameworks. Wireframes were created for the purpose of arranging elements to achieve the best possible composition for a particular purpose.

The purpose of making wireframes is usually to find out an overview of business goals and what kind of creative ideas will be created. Wireframes describe page layouts or website content arrangements, including interface elements and navigation systems, and to get an initial picture of how these elements work together.

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It is so important to make wireframes before you get your hands dirty with applications such as Photoshop or further with a code editor so that what you do is not messy, not carelessly, has rules and understands the purpose.

Wireframe Guide

Wireframes are generally created by business analysts, UX (user experience) designers, developers, visual designers and other work related to interaction design, information architecture and user research.

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