How to Use Google Fonts

How to Use Google Fonts — Hello everyone. Creating a website design will be bland if we don’t pay attention to the font used, then how do we make the font used in our web design look beautiful? There are some fonts that I think are available by default in HTML, such as Arial, Times New Roman, and others, but of course, each individual has their own taste.

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In the article that I will discuss this time, it might make you know how to change fonts using Google Fonts.

Google Fonts itself is one of Google’s “products” which I think is very useful for web designers. At Google Fonts you’ll see a huge selection of cool fonts that we can apply to our projects. OK, let’s just get started.

How to Use Google Fonts
First step: Please open Google Fonts, click the following link:

Step two: You will see many font choices, please choose the font you want, how? Okay, suppose I want to choose a font called Open Sans, then click the Quick-Use button with an arrow pointing to the right (please see the picture).

How to Use Google Fonts

Third step: Next you will be taken to the Quick Use page. Please scroll down until you see the CSS code and HTML code (see image below).

How to Use Google Fonts

Fourth step: Well, look at the HTML code in the image. Copy the code and paste it under the code or under the code.</p> <p>Fifth step: Next, copy the CSS code in your CSS code, then please see the results. For those who do not understand, please see the following code structure:</p> <p><!DOCTYPE html><br /> <html><br /> <head><br /> <title>Web Design Tutorial

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Note: The highlighted code (which has a sign) is the HTML and CSS code from Google Fonts earlier.

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Alright readers, that’s the tutorial on How to Use Google Fonts, hopefully it can be useful