Learn SEO If You Are Advanced in Web Design

Learning SEO after Web Design – To get to know the online world, there are indeed many versions, especially in terms of web masters, web development, web analytics, programming and seo.

But the author wants to share experiences in the world of seo which can help web developers to develop better websites, especially in the eyes of search engines.

Why should you learn seo? instead of someone who is proficient in web development, it is certainly good or proficient in seo.

Based on my experience meeting clients, I found that when the web is good, the SEO score is very small, this is what I want to share my experience with.

web design seo
Image Credit: deepfootprint.com

Being seo must also be able to web development, especially learning PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and other programming languages ​​even if a little. One of the advantages is that we will not find it difficult to develop both our own and client’s websites, and there are many more advantages.

Becoming a web master is the desire of many people to master the knowledge in the programming world and master the server as well. When webmasters combine their knowledge with seo experts, all of their skills will make money and going that way is not easy, there is still a lot to be learned, mastered and also lived from the various knowledge and experiences that we get.

Don’t tell me if we have studied seo science and have become experts, why do I give tips like that because seo science keeps changing and google keeps on issuing the best algorithms for black seo players or the term black hat. And also old seo that uses old seo techniques that are outdated and it’s very, very useless.

Google’s algorithm is constantly being updated and the latest is the core core algorithm which focuses more on the user directly when typing in keywords and making queries that are obtained. And this algorithm is more helpful for local businesses because the closest business will be prioritized first.