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Reviewing the Responsive and Adaptive New Design of Okezone.com – Rarely do we see surprising news about changes in the appearance of large websites in Indonesia, a few months ago what attracted attention was the redesign of the Kaskus website. However, today there is a redesign that caught the attention of tutorial-webdesign.com, namely a change in the appearance of the okezone.com website which is arguably very good. And quite different from other well-known news websites in Indonesia which still use a fixed layout.

website redesign okezone

As we know okezone is a well-known and well-known news website in Indonesia, of course it has very large data because their news updates are practically every second. But the courage of their leaders to make the legal website responsive or adaptive is really interesting. Their leaders who previously led Yahoo! Indonesia, namely Roy Simangunsong, has his own view regarding the design of the Legal website, according to him, in this new version of Okezone, Roy intends to focus his services on users and not solely for advertisers. “Content, technology and sales are the three main pillars of the new Okezone,” said Roy as quoted by TWD from dailysocial.

Roy said that this new design is not without reason, “all components in this new design are based on feedback from Okezone visitors over the past 4 months”. Over the past few months, Okezone has really collected as much information as possible about how visitors consume content on Okezone, and uses that information as a reference for a new design. Wow, it turns out that feedback that is listened to well can produce very good changes, yes 🙂

Responsive Design.
Responsive design is indeed a separate solution in the era of very rapid development of tablets and smartphones, Legal sees this quite seriously, they apply it to the new design of okezone.com, the new Okezone website is designed optimally for tablet devices which according to Roy is one of the best. device that is most comfortable to use for browsing. But Roy also added that the new Okezone site also supports smartphones as well as desktop sites, and to provide an equally engaging experience for different screen sizes is a challenge in itself.

Roy wants to make Okezone a news site that is Vibrant and Young, vibrant which means it is continuously updated and follows the existing technology trends, but is also passionate like young people. “We deliberately made the concept of Vibrant and Young, not the other way around. We may not be young people (by age) but we are still excited to bring and implement new technologies that can add value to Okezone,” said Roy.

Fixed Menu.

If we look at the okezone website, it also uses a fixed menu to make it easier for visitors who want to choose another news category when we scroll.

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The new okezone responsive layout was created using twitter bootstrap.

Single Sign-On
In addition to the new design, Okezone also launched its own Single-Sign On (SSO) called OkezoneID. Later, OkezoneID will be implemented in various online properties under the MNC media group, although Roy admits that currently OkezoneID can only be used to leave comments and subscribe to one news channel. With the rise of existing SSOs such as Facebook, Twitter logins and others, Roy admitted that he wanted to provide an integrated experience, and that would be difficult to do if he didn’t use his own platform.

Ambition to be the Top 3 News Websites in Indonesia
With the launch of this new design and concept, Roy and the Okezone team have quite high ambitions. “We want to be in the top 3 local news sites by the end of 2016,” he explained. According to Alexa’s ranking, currently the top 3 local news sites are still occupied by Detik (#9), Kompas (#10) and Liputan6 (#13), while Okezone is at number 35, ahead of Kapanlagi (#36). This target is not impossible to achieve, especially with the power of the MNC conglomerate behind Okezone.

For those of you who are curious, let’s just enjoy the responsive web design ala okezone.com

Hopefully it will inspire other big news websites in Indonesia to make their website design cleaner, more modern and of course responsive 🙂

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