Some Important Elements In Responsive Web Design

Important Elements in Responsive Web Design — Designing a responsive website has now changed from what was previously just a trend to something that must be learned and applied by a web designer on a website that is being built. Please note that a responsive website is a website model that can adjust the appearance according to the size of the browser and the type of device to open it, be it a desktop computer, tablet computer and cellphone or smartphone.

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Responsive web design has several important elements that you must understand, here are some of them.

  1. Navigation: One of the most important elements in a website, including a responsive style, is navigation, in a responsive website you really have to pay attention and make this navigation seriously, you can place this navigation at the top of the website, or other most important part of the website. easy to find by visitors, does not need to be too big, but easy to access.
  2. Action Button: Every business person wants to have a website that can increase their sales and income. So the “call-to-action” button becomes a very important part of every website. So place the button in a strategic position on your website, in order to achieve conversion (conversion) to someone who was originally just a visitor to a buyer.
  3. Branding Elements: A good website is a website that has a branding brand. This element of branding becomes very important for a website and must look attractive on all types of devices. These branding elements include the website name, tagline, including website coloring.
  4. Padding: Managing padding and whitespace is a very important part of creating a responsive website. So when visitors view the website on a small screen, the content should not look cluttered.
  5. Section/Columns: Content is the core of a website, what’s a website without interesting and useful content. content is sometimes created in sections or multiple columns in a website, so displaying all these sectors in an appropriate manner along with maintaining the readability of the content is a must. The website will look sleeker and less cluttered when viewed from various types of devices.

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Responsive web is all about creating a user experience (visitor experience) across all browsers and all devices, so it is very important to pay attention to some of these elements so that your website does not lose its identity when opened on different devices.

Hopefully this article about responsive web elements is useful for all of us, greetings to Indonesian web design.