Source of Inspiration for Web Designers

Source of Inspiration for Web Designers – As a web designer, inspiration becomes an important thing in the design process. Every designer must have experienced a deadlock in getting ideas to be poured into their work. Meanwhile, web designers themselves face time constraints in their work process, namely deadlines. Not infrequently ideas actually come at crucial moments, but unfortunately we can’t force ideas to come closer to what we want.

Often we don’t have ideas, but what we can do as designers is to stimulate those ideas with the inspiration we can get. We can get this inspiration from many things around us. But don’t be in a hurry by opening an online web gallery with the aim of getting inspiration, then easily copy-paste styles on certain websites on the website that we will create. Of course that’s not what inspiration means, but by capturing that inspiration then managing it into further ideas to be poured into a design.

Inspiration for web designers
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In this article I try to explain what we can use as a source of inspiration that is around us outside the website.

Magazines are print media that are full of graphics such as advertisements, layouts and photos. We can make a lot of inspiration from the above. In general, magazines and websites are designed using graphic design principles. So even though magazines are print media, the web is online media, it does not mean that the two media are completely different. In some ways they are different, but in many ways they have something in common. In magazines we can find inspiration from the layout, font selection, color combinations, composition, focal points, negative space.

We can also learn why one magazine is more visually appealing than another, whether it’s because of its attractive cover, whether the font combination is right, whether it’s a more organized layout, or because it’s equipped with good photos. We can use this as a case study for us to apply in web design.


Sports Illustrated

Games have become a big industry with big consumers too, whether it’s game consoles like XBOX, Play Station or computer games. The graphic development in the game has been extraordinary in the last 10 years, both in the characters in the game and the supporting graphics. We can explore the characters in the game one by one starting from the face, hair, costumes, accessories, weapons, vehicles used. What makes one character appear more attractive than another, appears more dominant than another.


Dragon Age: Inquisition

Almost everyone likes to watch movies. Watching movies is often used as a favorite entertainment activity, treating boredom, and filling spare time. There are many things that we can use as inspiration from the films we watch. There are many things that we can observe and use as inspiration from the costumes of film players, both in terms of style, color and texture. It could also be the property in the film which includes buildings, cars, interiors of houses/buildings and their contents.

Especially for science fiction films, we find unique forms in vehicles, weapons, buildings, equipment, to characters in the form of creatures or animals that we do not encounter in the real world. Regarding the dominant colors in the film, it can also be used as inspiration. We will get to know vintage colors in films with 60-70 settings, youth-themed films with light colors, or dark and dramatic colors in themes. epic movies like 300 or The Hobbit. All of them are very good references for us


The Hobbit

Photos are an important element in visual communication, including in web design. It’s hard to imagine a website without a photo/image either as a product image or as a message conveying element. One image/photo can represent 1000 words, which means that a photo is a very important element in conveying a message.

Quality photos from the photography side will inspire web designers to determine what kind of photos will fill the websites they create. They will know better in choosing photos that can convey messages to website visitors effectively.


National Geographic

Billboards are objects that are relatively easy to find, especially in provincial capitals. They are at T-junctions, crossroads and other strategic places. They exist as advertisements for a product ranging from instant noodles, telecommunications providers, beverage products, vehicles, property, or as cash