The History of Web Design and Its Development The Last 25th

History of Web Design – At this time web design has become more sophisticated, the appearance of the website at this time is very good and pleasing to the eye, with various elements, effects, colors, and the ability to adapt to the width of the screen (responsive).

But did you know the website first appeared about 25 years ago with the launch of HTML in 1990 and the creation of the first website in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee. At that time the website was only limited to text with blue links to link one page to another, the appearance was still standard, there were no columns, only text arranged downwards. It was only a year later that tables were known to create layouts, with website layout tables being made into columns.

web design history

Two years after that, Java and Flash emerged, in 1995-1996, followed by the development of internet users to reach 74 million and there were 650 thousand websites created at that time, and in that year CSS was introduced to make the web look more attractive.

The development of the website is growing rapidly, people are starting to think about creating a dynamic website, not just a static website, so it didn’t take long, in 1998 when Indonesia was in a monetary crisis and riots occurred that year PHP was born, immediately the version 3. Here the website begins to develop because PHP allows us to create dynamic websites.

One year later, in 1999, CSS3 was born, where the existing CSS was developed with the addition of new features that allow the website to look more attractive.

It took 4 years after the introduction of CSS3 until the term Web 2.0 emerged where various websites were increasingly dynamic where everyone could create a website and a specific profile page from just one website such as Blogspot, WordPress, MySpace, Tumblr and don’t forget Friendster and Facebook, users The Internet at that time reached 782 million, and there were 38 million websites on the Internet.

In 2008 people began to be busy with the term Open Source, and at that time the Mobile Web began to be known, because the development of communication technology made cellphones begin to have quite capable capabilities, including being able to be used to access the internet.

In 2010 internet users were getting more and more crowded, there were 2 billion Internet users around the world and the number of websites was increasing, reaching 240 million, almost the same as the population of Indonesia. At that time, people began to recognize HTML5 which is still very trendy with its various sophistications, even to the point of drowning Flash’s power to create web animations.

Now web design is getting more advanced, there are lots of Web builders available on the Internet, making websites is getting easier, even people who don’t have programming basics can now easily create websites just by drag and drop the website is ready, and ready to use.

The History of Web Design
That’s roughly the history of website development and design for the last 25 years or so. How will the website be in the future? Let’s just wait and follow its development, web design tutorials will always accompany and hopefully can always follow these developments.

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