Things to consider before creating a website

There are many things that need to be considered before building a website so that the website that is built can run according to plan and not cause losses or regrets in the future.

Apart from being a website owner, as a good Web designer & Developer, we also have to know what things need to be considered before creating a website.

Among these things, for example, choosing a domain name, a domain name is very important to think carefully before building a website so you don’t regret it in the future, a good domain name is also very important so that other people can easily remember the website, so choose a name. a good domain for your website.

We have had experience with choosing a domain name, where the name of this website was and because of various things related to the use of the word wakaka, we were forced to change it to another name, namely

An example of another important thing is the goal, the website must have a clear purpose before it is created, the determination of this goal can give encouragement to the website owner, the goal is also useful so that the website does not deviate from its original purpose. As the purpose of this website is to provide information and useful things about the world of web design & development in Indonesia, so we can focus on filling the content on this website with these things.

There are many more factors that need to be considered before building a website, an infographic from quite comprehensively describes it for us, as a reminder for us.

Hopefully this can be your reference before building a website that is useful for you and others.

So later before you create your website, think carefully about what you have to prepare, re-open this page so you don’t forget.