Understanding the Difference between UI and UX Design

Differences between UI and UX — Nowadays, the terms UX designer and UI designer are increasingly being heard in forums about design, in seminars, workshops or in a number of blogs that discuss matters related to the design world.

Not only being discussed, but a number of companies have also been looking for employees who have UI and UX skills. We need to know that UI stands for User Interface, while UX stands for User Experience.

There are still many who are confused about what UI looks like and how it differs from UX. In the web world, UI is more about the physical appearance of a website design that is pleasing to the eye, including attractive colors, layout sizes, and so on. Whereas UX is the more interactive side of a website, and how that interaction behaves with visitors, such as where to place the “Buy” button, or where to position the search form best, and so on.

To understand a little about the difference between UI design and UX design, take a look at the following infographic.

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Difference between UX Design and UI Design
Difference between UX Design and UI Design via wassai.com.uy

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It can be seen in the figure that UX is more focused on functional matters, in the example of the dining table atmosphere, it can be seen how well the knife is placed, for example, the knife is placed on the right while the fork is placed on the left, because most people will cut something by holding the knife uses the right hand, while the fork is used to resist friction against the object of food when someone uses a knife to cut. The position of the sharp knife is directed inward so that when held the position is immediately right for cutting food. A person’s tendency towards something he likes is something a UX designer should be able to capture so that the user feels safe and comfortable. While the UI is more about the beauty of the appearance, good color selection, the right color composition, and things that make the display pleasing and pleasing to the eye.

Hopefully this article clears up your confusion a bit about the difference between UX and UI.