Web Designer’s Free Time

It’s May 30th, this month as a Web Designer and Developer “without an office” I feel a little lonely, not lonely because I don’t have a boyfriend 🙂 “it’s normal” 🙁 but because the job I get is only one and that’s it small scale. So much time left without work feels very wasteful, this kind of condition may be very coveted by office workers out there. But this condition is not so exciting for me 🙂 I am very thirsty for work and new things.

Business Plan If you think about it with a positive mind, this condition is not too bad, because with lots of free time you can use it to learn new things (new techniques in the programming language that we master, or learn a new programming language altogether, if you are a graphic designer can practice again so that the skill becomes more stable).

Finally Choice Falls.
It turned out that I didn’t do everything, because my choice was to update the dynamic web system (you could say a simple CMS for use in personal projects) that I already had. And finally now I have the 2nd version of my previous system, with new added features. In addition, at the end of this month, there was a company that asked for a proposal to offer a website repair, so the 2 days at the end of this month were quite useful in the end, to analyze the website and prepare the proposal. Hm…so a lot of free time is not wasted too much, because some of the time is quite useful even though it doesn’t produce material in the form of money, but makes improvements to the old system, this can save time in the future, and on the other hand, hopefully the proposal is accepted. Amen.

Another alternative.
Are there other alternatives to get around the amount of free time so it doesn’t go to waste?

The answers are many, for example:

We can read the articles that have piled up on the FeedReader list *if you like reading.
Setting up a new business in addition to your current job.
We can also take advantage of free time by going out of town to get a new atmosphere.
Visiting friends or relatives who we rarely see during work because we are too busy.
Use it as best as possible to really total rest.
Basically, don’t let your time go to waste 🙂

Okay, see you in June, friends, hopefully June has a lot of work.