When and Why A Website Should Be Redesigned

Doing a redesign or determining when is the right time to make changes to the appearance of the website is “easy and difficult”, for websites made using CMS of course this is very easy, just look for templates and then change them, but for websites made without CMS it will difficult because it has to be remade according to the system.

But that’s not the point that we will discuss here, it’s not difficult or not difficult, but why and when a website must be made changes to the design or commonly known as redesign.

Website Layout
Image Credit : INPIVIC

The website tutorial-webdesign.com a month ago, at the beginning of March to be exact, also made a design change, from the old design that was made for the first time about a year ago to the design it is today. This is of course for various reasons, and some of them are in the points that we will discuss, but we will not only discuss the reasons for making changes to tutorial-webdesign.com, but we will try to discuss globally.

Once again making changes to the appearance is not easy, and requires a lot of consideration, especially for large-scale websites or websites that are already very well known such as Yahoo, Microsoft, and others. If you make a wrong move or do it at the wrong time, it can have a bad impact on the company’s image

There are several reasons why and when a website should make a change in appearance.

  1. The Old Design Is Less Attractive.
    This is the decision of the website owner, if the owner feels that the design already looks unattractive then the website could be changed, because an unattractive website will make the website owner himself not excited to update the contents of the website, such as lazy writing, etc.

Previous Design Tutorial-webdesign.com
Previous Design Tutorial-webdesign.com

But actually the website owner should not be that selfish, because after all the website was made so that it can be enjoyed by others, so it would be better if the owner involved or asked visitors whether this design is still good or should be replaced immediately, is still liked or has started not If you like it, don’t forget to also discuss with your teammates to ask for their opinion regarding the plan to change the look, don’t be careless by assuming something is bad but in the eyes of others it is still very good.

Although the decision to make changes remains in the hands of the website owner or the highest authority on the website.

  1. Confusing Navigation System.
    Most of the existing websites are dynamic, website content can be added and deleted at any time, in one to two years or even just a few months, so the website content is already very much compared to when the website design was created. For example, there are more and more menus that confuse visitors, this is certainly a problem, and you should immediately redesign it so that the website navigation system can function more optimally.

Concept Navigation
Image by jwyg | Concept Navigation

In addition to confusing navigation because there are too many, a navigation system that is not good because it is not visible also needs to be considered, this is what happened to the old tutorial-webdesign.com design, where visitors had difficulty exploring the contents of the website because the menu was less specific, which in the end make visitors only see 1 or 2 pages, even though there are quite a lot of pages on this website.

  1. Layout is getting messy & difficult to update.
    When a website is launched everything looks fine, all parts look neat, but over time it turns out that many changes have occurred on the website, the content is increasing and the format for writing the content also turns out to be different and not as imagined at the time. the first time the website is designed, so the layout can no longer accommodate the needs of the content.

Crowded Train
Image credit : Techcrunch

A messy website also eventually makes it difficult for website owners to update, so it is confusing where else to put content, because everything looks crowded and messy. If these things have happened, then the website owner should immediately make changes so that everything can be accommodated well and all went well.

  1. Long Website Load Time.
    Snail Slow
    Image Credit : myahya

When loading the website feels heavy, it could be because of the many additions to scripts (modules / plugins) that are done in the middle of the road along with the variation in content, or because of the use of images.