4 Ways to Validate a WordPress Theme

Whether you are a designer or developer or just a person who downloads a wordpress theme for your website, maybe you want to check the integrity of the theme, control the quality, and so on. Here are 3 ways that are used to validate your wordpress theme before you use it or before publishing it to others.

Theme Check

If you don’t have a plugin installed to check, you can use Themecheck.org to check your theme, just upload the theme and you will be given a score after you press the submit button, besides the score, you will also be given some important notes and some warnings if something goes wrong.

Theme check plugins
This is a fairly simple plugin that can be used to check your wordpress theme with the latest/updated version of the WordPress Theme Guidelines. This Theme Check plugin will check for unimportant weaknesses of a custom theme, of course this will be very useful.

Theme Authenticity Checker
WordPress Theme Authenticity Checker

This WordPress Theme Authenticity Checker plugin is not a developer problem like the two we mentioned above, but it can be very useful if you want to install a theme that you have downloaded from sources outside the official wordpress.org site.

W3 Validator
To improve, finally you might need to check with the markup with the W3 Validator to find out which part of the HTML tags of the theme is the problem.


Hopefully useful for those of you who use a theme or those of you who are developing a wordpress theme.

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