5 WordPress Plugins To Watermark Photos

Preventing the theft of photos on a website by providing a watermark so that it is not easy to be recognized as belonging to the thief is the topic of our discussion this time.

A digital watermark is a kind of marker covertly embedded in a noise-tolerant signal such as audio or image data. It is typically used to identify ownership of the copyright of such signal.
– Wikipedia

Preventing the theft of images on a website is quite important, especially if the website is a website owned by a professional photographer, this can be a must, although not all of them are like that, because many photographers also allow other people to use their photos to capture images. used by others.

In addition to the photographer’s website, a website that is devoted to buying and selling photos also definitely requires methods like this.

Not only for professionals, amateur photographers can also prevent their pictures from being taken and recognized by others by giving a watermark, in this paper, especially for those of you who have a wordpress-based website, you can easily apply this method.

Instead of having to mark each image using software such as Adobe Photoshop, it seems this method is quite effective in saving your time.

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The following tutorial-webdesign.com will show some wordpress plugins that are quite useful for protecting photos on the website from being stolen or recognized by others and used carelessly.

  1. Bulk Watermark Plugin
    Bulk Watermark
    Bulk Watermark

With this plugin you can add text in the image section as a sign that this is owned by the person who gave the sign, if you have a logo or image of your identity you also include the image in certain parts of the photo.

  1. Transparent Image Watermark
    Transparent Image Watermark
    Transparent Image Watermark

This plugin will automatically give a mark in the form of text / PNG images that have been previously set on all photos in the WP Media Library, this plugin also allows us to test the results (preview) first.

  1. Scissors and Watermark WordPress Plugin
    Scissors and Watermark WordPress Plugin
    Scissors and Watermark WordPress Plugin

If the previous two plugins we can use to give watermarks or marks on images, this plugin has other advantages, where we can do Croping, Rotating, Resizing, and other standard image editing facilities.

  1. Watermark My Image
    Watermark My Image

Watermark My Image

This plugin allows you to watermark your images, by placing a simple, but highly customizable watermark below the original image (very similar to the one 9GAG uses).

  1. Easy Watermark
    Easy Watermark
    Easy Watermark

This wordpress plugin automatically adds a watermark for images when they are uploaded to the WordPress Media Library.

That’s it.

Before using any wordpress plugin, our advice is to try it on a local computer first to get the plugins that your website really needs.

Hopefully these 5 plugins are useful for those of you whose images do not want to be recognized by others.

This method is not the only way, there are many other ways that you can use, but this method is quite useful.

May we not be stingy people.

Greetings Indonesian web design.