A Peek at WordPress’ New Features

WordPress is said to be releasing version 3.6 soon, the newest version in May, the world’s most popular CMS and Blogging Platform, of course, has prepared many new features or other changes.

In this article we will discuss some of these new features, for those of you who have a website with wordpress you should take a moment to see what’s new from wordpress 3.6. Checkidot.

Updated August 2, 2013:
WordPress 3.6 was launched yesterday, August 1, 2013, the new features are as below, to download please check the official website.

  1. Post Formats.
    WordPress will increase the functionality of the Post Format, this feature has actually been in wordpress before, but this feature is still hidden, not everyone knows this, only developers or themes developers understand. Reportedly in version 3.6 this feature will be easier to use.

Post Format New Look
Post Format New Look

Post Format will have its own UI if enabled by the template creator.

So WordPress will be more and more similar to Tumblr, where we can post things of various types, for example images, Gallery, Links, Videos, Audio, Chat, Status, Quotes, Aside, etc.

2.New Templates
After the previous version there was a default template like Tweenty Twelve, then in WordPress 3.6 there will be another new template named Twenty Thirteen, this display is made with a Flat Design model.

WordPress 3.6 Theme Twenty Thirteen
WordPress 3.6 Theme Twenty Thirteen

  1. Post Locking.
    This feature is a new feature of wordpress 3.6, it is likely to be more useful for blogs that have many authors (multi author) such as tutorial-webdesign.com.

Post Lock
Post Lock

Its usefulness is that this feature will notify us if this post is locked because someone is making changes, thus avoiding 2 people editing the post at the same time. If in the previous version we were only given a yellow notification at the top of the editor, in this version the display is made more attractive, we can determine actions against people who are making these changes, we can kick them if we want (that’s according to wordpress in the news) 🙂

  1. Autosaving Feature Update.
    Posts are now automatically saved locally. If your computer crashes, or your computer suddenly shuts down, you won’t lose your post.
  2. Improvement of Revision Management Features.
    WordPress automatically saves the changes we make to a post, so if we have finished editing a post and want to go back to the previous edit then we can go back again easily. In the latest version, this feature is being maximized and the appearance is slightly changed, so there will be a timeline of revisions that we can use. WordPress is increasingly concerned with content quality.

Display features revision wordpress 3.6
Display features revision wordpress 3.6

  1. Better Menu Manager Features.
    Admin Menu
    Admin Menu

What is certain is that wordpress updates the menu management feature or creates a menu that we want to display, with this of course managing the menu will be better and easier.

  1. Audio/Video

WordPress 3.6 lets you easily embed videos from various websites like Youtube.

so much

Those are some of the changes that will be made in wordpress version 3.6 which is likely to be launched next month (in May). If you can’t wait to try it, you can download WordPress 3.6 Beta here.

Greetings Indonesian web design.

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