Create Instagram-style photos in wordpress with vintagejs

Since it first appeared on the iPhone, Instagram has made people fall in love, there are many fans right away, there are even people who are willing to buy an iPhone which is quite expensive just to be able to upload photos and give effects on Instagram, seems very exclusive, feels like a reliable photographer. But lately Instagram has also appeared on Android, fans and users are also increasing, until finally Instagram was acquired by Facebook at a fantastic price, 9.1 Trillion. Wow, very expensive, especially considering that Instagram was previously only managed by a dozen people, you could say that it was a very successful sale.

Talking about Instagram, in the world of websites we can also make photos with vintage effects (old school) like those on Instagram, we can apply them on our website. Standard photos, we can give the effect to make it look more dramatic.

Is Vintage.js, a jQuery plugin that can turn ordinary photos into vintage or retro styles by using the html5 canvas element. Sophisticated, you can try the demo directly by uploading your photos on the website, namely:

Vintagejs on WordPress
We can also apply vintagejs on the wordpress website/blog that we use, just download and install the Vintagejs plugin as usual, just like any other wordpress plugin. Then activate the plugin, then when you upload a photo, there will be options like the following in your popup window.

Then the resulting photo on your website page will look like the following image after publishing.

Vintagejs Result

Please try it yourself on your wordpress blog, if there are difficulties, don’t hesitate to ask and leave comments.

Thank you, greetings Indonesian web design